Betting on Overwatch: From A to Z

Overwatch is the most popular multiplayer shooter from Blizzard. Due to the fact that the release of the game coincided with the “shot” of the popularity of cybersports betting, many betting companies began to accept bets on Overwatch League.

By betting on your favorite team, the emotions of watching the match are instantly heightened, because your own money is at stake. However, you should not get into betting without understanding the predictions, otherwise there is a risk of losing all your good. To begin with it is worth learning how to predict the outcome of a match. For this purpose, there are many reviews, articles and opinions of experts who are fond of cybersports.

Cybersports disciplines such as Overwatch are rapidly gaining popularity among a wide audience, and betting enthusiasts. Everyone loves easy money, which is why betting trends in cybersports are developing the fastest. The topic of betting in this field is more relevant than ever today.

Basics: Hero Classes and Essence of the Game

Overwatch is a team-based shooter that involves fierce battles between first-person teams. Each team has six players. Now for the game are available 26 characters, each with unique characteristics and abilities. You can choose the character at the beginning of the match, as well as in the middle of the battle, if necessary.

There are four main classes of heroes in the game: defenders, stormtroopers, tanks and support. Each hero is endowed with a personal set of weapons and an “ulta” – the main ability, which can be changed in the course of the match. The main advantage of stormtroopers is their high speed and high damage to the enemy. Team characters with their defensive functions must hold the defense at strategic points. In turn, support heals and “buffs” teammates. Tanks are the owners of incredible survivability, designed to absorb enemy attacks.

Competitive Element

The game also has a competitive aspect – the league, which includes four modes.

Escort – involves the division into attack and defense teams. The attack team delivers an object along a certain route with control points, the defense team, in turn, interferes with them. The match is won by the team that has ensured the delivery of the object further than the opponents.
Capture the point – similar to escorting, however, an additional condition is introduced – capturing points on the map. The winner is determined by the number of captured points.
Object control – one team captures an object, not allowing the opponent to do the same. The winner is the one who has held the same object longer in the set time.
Hybrid mode – a symbiosis of point capture and escort. First, the attackers are engaged in capturing the object, later – escorting. The winner is the one who escorted the object farther.

Tournaments and Leagues

It’s no secret that all new Blizzard games rapidly gain popularity among gamers immediately after release. Overwatch is a bright representative of this pattern. Confirmation of this is the holding of leagues on a regular basis, the organization of world-class championships, where the leadership has been held by the Korean team for a year already.

For a better understanding of the Overwatch League betting, it is worth considering the amazing level of play of each of the athletes, who have spent more than one year of their lives for the sake of their skill. As in the usual sports, each team in cyberdisciplines represents its own city.

Regularity of Seasons

One OL season involves four stages, with one stage lasting five weeks. The break between stages is ten calendar days. Matches in each of the stages, on which bookmakers readily accept bets, take place at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. Competition starts on Wednesday and runs through Saturday.

On the last Saturday of the stage, there are two title matches. Based on the results of the stages, the top teams are selected to go on to win the title and a $125,000 cash prize. Based on the results of the season, teams receive cash prizes calculated from their rankings for the season.

There is a division between the Atlantic and Pacific divisions. Each team fights in 40 games in different divisions, 20 in each division. When the regular season comes to an end, the best teams from their divisions are selected to participate in the postseason as well as in the playoffs.

In order to conduct quality analysis of cyber sports games, a constant tracking of the league is necessary.


The Overwatch League playoffs include play-in and elimination tournaments after two losses (bracket), culminating in the final of the year. Teams numbered 7 through 12 are eligible to participate in the play-in. The remaining eight are eligible for the elimination bracket.

Most successful teams in the league

Only a bettor who knows a lot about eSports can make good money with Overwatch betting.

Betting on Overwatch and its types

The Overwatch betting list differs significantly from the usual from soccer or tennis, however, in the case of the top tournaments dozens of variants of outcomes are provided.

For example:

  • The outcome of the match or round
  • The result of the team or match
  • Winner

It is possible to bet on outtakes, thereby betting on your favorite before the tournament begins.

Useful tips

Because of the dynamism of the gameplay, betting in real time will not be a good option, because the situation on the card can change in a matter of seconds.

In addition to caution with live betting, it is worth thinking about:

The server where the match will be played. In such a fast game, server delays of milliseconds can decide the outcome of a bet, especially if it was made in real time.
Carefully study the rules of a particular tournament.
The motivation of a particular team and its attitude to win the league. In local tournaments, it is quite normal for a team to rest or try a new strategy, at the expense of an early goal.
The presence of spectators. If a player is not yet experienced in playing in major tournaments, he may get excited by the buzz of a crowd of thousands.
Your own emotions in betting. There is no point in trying to win back quickly after a loss, you can lose even more.
Provided that Overwatch betting bookmaker is reliable enough, these tips will be very useful in the beginning.


It is possible to replenish the game bank with the help of cybersports betting only if you have reliable information. The following sites may come in handy:

Liquipedia. By clicking on the tab with the name of the match, gives you the opportunity to explore updates in team lineups, potential transfers and pre-match replacements, as well as a calendar of all upcoming tournaments.
Overwatchscore. Publication of various rumors, tournament announcements and prize pool sizes.
Over gg. Here you can get information related to tournaments, teams, map statistics, modes, and news feeds.
Overwatchleague. Collection of data teams – participants of the Overwatch League. Includes both profiles of individual players and video recordings of the latest battles. There is an opportunity to buy merch of teams from the league.


Overwatch is a computer game and cyberdiscipline that has managed to captivate millions of players. Betting on matches in Overwatch discipline productively will help only a professional calculation and a cool head. Watch the duels in live broadcast to study in detail the style of teams, the characteristics of the tournament participants, chemistry within the teams, the ability to get out of difficult situations during the game, find the strength to control your emotions when it comes to large competitions with tens of thousands of spectators. Don’t forget to use additional resources: useful sites, “Statistics” and “Results” sections.