Betting on Call of Duty (CoD)

Call of Duty has evolved from just a popular World War II shooter into a true cybersports giant. Released not so long ago sequels to the popular series: Cold War and Warzone, marked a transition to new heights and new formats of the game industry. Betting on Call of Duty has become much more popular and profitable as for Call of Duty regularly held international tournaments, which organizes as the publisher of the game, and other organizers. Tournaments with big winnings attract professional gamers, and cybersports betting on call of duty attracts professional bettors.

The essence of Call of Duty

Today in the studio Activision, the creator of the series – develops two main directions:

  • Call of Duty game series itself – the classic online first-person shooter;
  • Call of Duty Warzone – online shooter in the “Battle Royale” mode on the Call of Duty engine.

These two games are fundamentally different in their game mechanics, although they have similar graphics and physics.

Call of Duty Cold War is the current flagship of the Call of Duty line. This is the usual online team shooter. Different teams with preset gear face off against each other, competing in objective matches on a variety of maps. This is a traditional game, like CS GO or Battlefield series games. However, what makes it original is the depth of the firefight, the special physics and the fast pace that you remember from the classic Call of Duty games. Exactly Cold War, today is the main discipline in cybersport, and the main object for betting on the cod. For example, it became the main discipline in the tournament “League of Call of Duty”.

Warzone is a separate project that is built on the basis of a regular Call of Duty, but made in the popular today in the style of “battle royale”. Naturally, along with the main league this has led to some pretty serious Call of Duty events. Often Call of Duty professionals compete in both games. The essence of the Battle Royale mode is survival. Players find themselves in a specific territory in which they fight among themselves for resources, loot, and for life. The game has no teams, but they can be formed by players situationally. The winner will be only one. Warzone project itself is a successful attempt of Activision to enter the “battle royale” market created by Fortnite and PUBG. Today Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular “Battle Royale”.

Betting on Warzone is more difficult than betting on a regular CD, similar to how betting on Fortnite can be difficult. The game itself takes Call of Duty gameplay and brings it to Battle Royale. The engine, firefights, mechanics, weapons, and items are all straight out of the main games. However, you have to loot weapons or collect money to get your haul. You may be able to revive in Warzone, but death is much more meaningful than in regular Call of Duty. Like in PUBG, the stakes have to take into account kills and locations, not just the absolute winner of the match. In addition, because of the high variability of gameplay and the high level of human factor, the outcome of the game is often completely unpredictable.

Championships and tournaments Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been one of the major disciplines in cybersports for almost a decade now. There is an inherent competitive spirit in Call of Duty, and the publisher actively develops and encourages various tournaments, which makes “Call of Duty” almost perfect cybersport.

Today, tournaments are divided into three categories:

  • Core franchise tournaments;
  • Tournaments for the mobile version;
  • Warzone tournaments.

So those wishing to bet on call of duty tournaments need to keep this in mind.

The main tournaments today are:

  • Call of Duty League;
  • Call of Duty Mobile World Championship;
  • Warzone World Series.

League Call of Duty – one of the biggest events in eSports in general. Usually this championship lasts for several months. During this time the best Call of Duty teams from all over the world play on different maps in different competitions.

This tournament was founded in 2020 and was based on the previously held Call of Duty World League. It is undoubtedly the most popular event for betting on tournaments on cod. Call of Duty League has great conditions for betting, the whole season is streamed live on YouTube and on specialized sites.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the history of iOS and Android platforms. It first hosted the World Championship in 2020.

Several top teams and individual players participate during “CODM.” Although Call of Duty Mobile WOrld Championship is not as hyped as the CDL, it rightfully carries the title of one of the best tournaments in cybersports. The tournament lasts 7-10 days and features a qualifying round and playoffs.

In 2021, Activision announced the World Series of Warzone. This was the first official Warzone event. it established itself from the early days as an extremely popular tournament and generated additional interest among gamers and bettors in Warzone.

In addition to the three major tournaments, hundreds of smaller ones are held regularly, which means that fans of the series and professional bettors can always find events, and bet on them.

Features of Call of Duty betting: what to pay attention to
Significant advantages of betting on Call of Duty tournament events are:

  • dynamic changes in the composition of teams;
  • a sharp change among the leaders of the competition;
  • Members of the leading teams are constantly changing, the players are transferred to one team or the other, and not twice a year as in soccer;
  • young talents regularly emerge, making it to the top tournaments and partially beating the more established gamers;
  • the continuous flow of new players makes it much more difficult for bookmakers to collect and systematize statistics, which in turn is a great opportunity for players to make a good bet with favorable odds.

If you closely follow the composition of the teams and the list of participants in the tournament, you will definitely have the opportunity to bet on the confrontation, which, so to speak, underestimated the bookmakers. The team, which has demonstrated good results in previous competitions and is considered a favorite, often fails in confrontations with young motivated players.

Types of bets on Call of Duty

When you bet on Call of Duty, you can go beyond just the winner of the match. As with other sports, there are many types of bets on call of duty, as cyber sports are very variable and have many statistical indicators that you can bet on. Cybersport is very good for betting on totals.

In a bookmaker’s office you can bet on:

  • the winner of the match;
  • the team result;
  • the result of the card;
  • betting on statistical indicators.

For Warzone you will also find similar lines. You can bet on the winner of tournaments and individual player results. However, you are likely to find Warzone betting only on major events.

Call of Duty betting strategies

For betting on eSports, particularly on Call of Duty, the tactics and strategies used for betting in any other sport are perfectly suitable. If we want to bet effectively on Warzone or classic COD, the flatulence is a very effective strategy because the bettor does not lose everything in one unpleasant moment, but continues to stay in the game. Martingale is also well suited due to the high variability and situationality of cyber sports. With experience each player develops his own effective strategy for betting on Call of Duty.

Tips and tricks for betting on Call of Duty

Any eSports game is characterized by a high risk level. It is because the professional gamer has to overcome both his human factor and possible technical difficulties on his way to victory. In this regard, it is very difficult to make a preliminary prediction in cybersport, as today’s favorite may well not shine tomorrow.

The ideal tips for betting on call of duty and related events have always been and will always be live betting. By placing live bets, you can evaluate the chances of teams and players in the course of the game and adjust your bets and predictions.